Sunday, August 19, 2012

Your Unnecessary Expenses and Your Savings


For someone who is working on  sourcing out capital or planning to venture into business, saving is a must. It lets you accumulate and set aside extra funds for the needed capital of your business. While identification of wants and needs is an essential part of saving, discipline comes first. There are a quite number of saving method published both by professional and bloggers alike on the internet, but the one you must choose is the one that can actually work effectively for you.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How To Make Money On The Internet Or Online In Simple English?

You are reading this blog I created for two reasons:
  1. I want to share what I read and my thoughts to it.
  2. I want to make money out of it.
No. 1 is something that you read and say, "ah yeah" but No. 2 makes you think "how", right?

Let us just go straight to the point and avoid misleading every one here including myself. Ready?

Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Start A Bakery

Philippines is one country who cannot do away with eating rice - and bread. Despite the many health conscious individuals hooked into no rice or fattening bread diet, bread is undeniably one of the basic commodities of common households in Pinas. Having said that, aside from the junk shop business, I am looking at a bakery business as a profitable business. Why?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Starting A Gym Business

Last night was one of those "I will sleep now, I do not want to talk to you anymore" nights between me and my husband. For a few weeks now, he has been into gym and fitness activities. Actually, he has been going to gym everyday for as I said few weeks now. He mentioned about going into gym business as a profitable venture. Disappointing him was none in my list but I do no want to give him false hope. Despite of being tired for the whole day, I got myself seated and explained. But then, he is not a finance person so explaining ROI, net income and rate of return were not in his vocabulary.

So I ended up watching him stretch his muscles and ending the call eventually.

According to the person he inquired about starting a gym business, it would require Php50,000 investment to put up a gym business. In our residence area, the entry fee of going to gym is only P20. So roughly if you have only 5 loyal customers a day, assuming the daily operating expenses would only P70, that would leave you a P30 net income per day times 30 days to get the monthly income times 12 to get the yearly income of only P10,800. Not a good picture if this business would only be your source of income. To compute for the ROI or return on investment, divide the investment by the yearly income so Php50,000/10,800=4.63 years or 4 years and 8 months before you can have the initial investment recovered. Anything you earn after the investment recovery would be your profit in putting up a business.

That is too long!

But then those are assumptions so you would really be needing a good location and a good business plan

Here's good article in putting up a business so read along with me.

How To Grow Money At A Young Age

Few months after I mentioned investing in stocks with my eldest son started his interests in investing. At first it was about the thought owning a part of his favourite fast food chain in the Philippines - Jollibee thru an online stock broker. He was delighted to know that at an affordable sum of money he can already "own" a company as big as that fast food chain.
Then a few days back I introduced to him why he should want grow his money at an early age. It was a relieve that he doesn't want to work abroad to earn a bigger income. According to him, it is still best to enjoy life and happiness  together with the family. So I told him, then you need to be financially literate and grow your money!

First and foremost, we need to know why do we want to grow our money I told him. There should be a goal which you want to work on achieving. 

Do you want your own house? Do you want your own car?

Do you want to take pleasure on travelling around? Do you want to help others?

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